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Pontoon Boats

As a FREE  bonus to our guests in our summer months, Blue Lakes Vacation Rentals offers you the use of one of our pontoon boats.  They are clean and well maintained.   They range in size from 18-24ft.  They range in age from 15-20 years old.  Some have canopies and some do not.  Motors range from 20 - 40 hp.  While these boats may not fulfill the boating dreams of some people, they are perfect for a sunset cruise or a family fishing outing.   We even supply you with 10 gallons of pre-mixed gasoline!
Below are examples of some of the boats Blue Lakes Vacation Rentals offers.  Some of these boats are nicer than others.  There is no way to guarantee which boat you will have.






Upon your arrival you will be asked to inspect the boat for any damage or malfunction.  You will also be asked to sign the Boat Rental Agreement.  This is to guarantee that you will not be charged for a prior guests misuse of the boat.  Like anything in life, things break or wear out.  Blue Lakes Vacation Rentals cannot guarantee that your boat will be operational 100% of the time.  We will, however, do our best to either repair or replace your boat as soon as possible during normal business hours (M-F, 9AM-5PM EST). 

Recent changes to many of the Big Ad sites have resulted in hundreds of dollars in fees to the traveler. 
Please feel free to 
book direct from us to avoid paying these fees.


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